The following is a list of the people that man the Meridian as its crew. Clicking on their names will take you to that character's bio.

For a list of NPC bios, please check here.

Cpt Roger Finney - Commanding Officer
Cmdr Andre Hunt - Executive Officer/CHO
Cmdr Andre Hunt - XO/Chief Helm Officer
Open - Communications Officer
Open - Boatswain's Mate
LtCmdr Talia Brennan - Chief Science Officer
Open - Science Officer
Open - Scientist Mates
LtCmdr Stile Corbett, MD - Chief Medical Officer
Cmdr Jia Cassidy, MD - Medical Officer, Psychologist
Open - Corpsman
Cmdr Timo Vanhanen - Chief Engineering Officer
Lt(jg) Michael Brentwood - Assistant Engineering Officer
CPO Genevieve de Longpre - Damage Control
Open - Engineering Mates
LtCmdr Trevor Jonas - Chief Armory Officer
Talariana sh'Joven - Armory Officer
Open - Armory Mates


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