Roger "Rog" Finney

Full Name Roger "Rog" Finney
Assignment Commanding Officer
Rank Captain
Race Human
Place of Origin Columbia, South Carolina, Earth
Gender Male
Age 24
Date of Birth June 29, 2130
Height 5'10"
Weight 175 lbs
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Green
Other Physical Attributes Muscular build without being muscle bound.
Marital Status Single

Family: Father: Admiral Luke Finney (Starfleet)
Mother: Kelly Finney
Sister: Colleen Finney
Grandfather: Captain Matthew Finney (USAF circa 2080)
Grandmother: Dorothy Finney (deceased)

Specialities: Starship piloting and Navigation

Hobbies: Hunting, fencing, martial arts (Kenjitsu), watching old 20th century Action Adventure films.

Personal Biography

Roger "Rog" Finney was born and raised in Columbia, SC, the only son of Adm. Luke Finney and his wife Kelly. His parents were always away on official business and so left Rog and Colleen with their grandparents, Matthew and Dorothy.

While respecting his parents, Rog loved his grandparents idolizing his grandfather a decorated WW III pilot. Rog had a normal childhood learning to hunt at an early age from his grandfather. During junior high school Rog took up fencing and martial arts.

He specialized in Kenjitsu the art of using the Samurai sword, becoming very proficient with it. He took up this form of martial arts after becoming fascinated with old Samurai and swashbuckling films of the 20th cent. In June 2048, Rog graduated from Robert E. Lee High School the valedictorian of his class. He worked on his grandparents farm for a few months then spent 6 months trying to get into Starfleet Academy. From Jan 2049-Dec 2053, Rog attended the Academy before being assigned to Jupiter Station for his final training prior to being assigned to the Meridian NX-06. He'll always remember the tear of pride he saw in his fathers eye upon his leaving for Jupiter Station. Rog hopes to prove himself worthy of that pride not just for his sake but for his family's as well.


Legion of Merit Medal, Kragite Order of Heroism Medal, Preantares Medal of Commendation Medal, Starfleet Silver Cross Medal

Nine Year Service Device,
Starfleet Silver Cross, Purple Heart,
Academy Command Ribbon, Academy Blue Ribbon of Excellence Senior Officers Training, Academy Purple Ribbon of Excellence,


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