Hunt, Andre

Full Name Andre Hunt
Nickname Dre
Assignment Chief Helm Officer
Rank Commander
Race Human
Place of Origin Miami, Florida, Earth
Gender Male
Age 37
Date of Birth 2128
Height 6'2''
Weight 198 lbs
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Black
Other Physical Attributes Lean and muscular
Marital Status Single
Father: Jacob Hunt(2097-2153*)(Mayor of Miami, Florida)
Mother: Sarah Brown(2099-2153*)
Sister: Danica Hunt(2129-2153*)(Business Owner)
Brother: Lawerence Hunt(2130-2153*)(Marine Biologist)
Sister: Nadia Hunt(2132-2153*)(College Student)
Nephew: Jose Lopez Jr.(2151-2153*)
Brother in law: Jose Lopez Sr.(2129-2153*)
Son: Tyler Hunt(2153-)
Ex-Wife: Lita Armstrong(2130-)
*Killed during attack on Earth by Xindi prototype superweapon.

Specialities: Starship piloting and helm control

Hobbies: Basketball, swimming, martial arts, 20th and 21st century music and films, reading and billiards

Personal Biography

Andre Hunt was born in Miami, Florida to Jacob and Sarah Hunt. Prior to eventually becoming mayor his father had served as a councilman for the city, so Andre spent his childhood growing up in politics. After graduating from highschool, Hunt decided to attend the military academy and after four years had earned the rank of Lieutenant in the Earth Military as a pilot. In 2152, he married Lita Armstrong who he had met a year prior. It wasn't too long before he made Captain, but during this time he was stationed in Chicago when the Xindi attacked Earth. All of his family had been living in Florida during this time and all had been killed.

Devastated by the loss of his family, Andre wanted revenge but had no way of getting it. Captain Hunt even went to the trouble of volunteering to go after the Xindi on the Enterprise. But due to the fact that Lita was pregnant, he opted not to go through with it. A few months later they welcomed their son Tyler into the world. As the years went by, Andre began to long for something more than what he going on in his current career. In his head he began to entertain the idea of joining Starfleet. When he was asked if he would like to join, Hunt gladly accepted.

When Andre informed Lita about his decision to join Starfleet, she was extremely upset. They were already having marriage issues and she was quick to tell him that if accepted, then she would divorce him. After taking a week to think about her ultimatum, Hunt chose to join Starfleet. Now newly single with his divorce just finalized. Andre looks forward to the next stage of his life, exploring the unknown regions of space.

Service Record


  • 2156-2160: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco
  • 2160-2160: Ensign, Chief Helm Officer, FCL-06 Meridian
  • 2160-2161: Lt(jg), Chief Helm Officer, FCL-06 Meridian
  • 2161-2162: Lt, Chief Helm Officer, FCL-06 Meridian
  • 2162-2163: Lt, Chief Helm Officer, USS Meridian NCC-06
  • 2162-current: LtCmdr, Chief Helm Officer, USS Meridian NCC-06


Silver Starfleet Cross Bronze Starfleet
Starfleet Silver Cross, Starfleet Bronze Cross

Five Years Service Device
Starfleet Silver Cross (2), Starfleet Letter of Commendation
Starfleet Bronze Cross (3), Preantares Ribbon of Commendation 2nd Class (4), Earth Victory Campaign Ribbon
Academy Blue Ribbon of Excellence (Senior Officer Training), Academy Superior Performance Medal, Academy Purple Ribbon of Excellence


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