NPC Bios


NAME: Emily Douglasdale
POSITION: Helm Officer
RANK: Warrant Officer
DESCRIPTION: 5'6", 128lbs. Long, red hair. Green eyes. A smattering of freckles. Emily, 24, has a bubbly personality that can sometimes be quite infectious. She loves flying and is a very good navigator. She's been in Starfleet for 6 years and is very good at her job. Loves socializing. Has a weakness for anything chocolate. After completing Academy correspondance courses, Emily was awarded a commission as a Warrant Officer.  And now assumes the position of Helm Officer.

NAME: Heath Stoudemire
POSITION: Boatswain Mate
RANK: Petty Officer 1st Class
DESCRIPTION: Standing at 5'7" and 165lbs, Heath, 30, was born in the year 2133 on Ares City, Mars. Coming from a family that left earth in the 21st century to Terraform the early Mars colonies, Heath was expected to pursue the family profession whether it be on Mars or on other worlds discovered by the United Earth. After graduating high school, Stoudemire spent three years in the Terraforming profession. But when Starfleet had sent recruiters to Ares City to encourage young people to consider enlisting in Starfleet, Heath took it as a sign to do something else with his life. A decision to this day that he hasn't regretted.

NAME: Gabrielle Costillo
POSITION: Boatswain Mate
RANK: Petty Officer 2nd Class
DESCRIPTION: Standing at 5'3" 110lbs, Gabrielle, 27, born in the year 2136 in Rio, Brazil. Being the youngest of five children came from humble beginnings. Both her parents worked as engineers and taught all of their children to have a strong work ethic. Naturally beautiful, her parents often felt that she would grow up and marry someone would take care of her. But Gaby obviously wanted more and to earn her own place in world. Not sure what she wanted to do with her life, Costillo decided to enlist in Starfleet to figure out what to do with her life. Scoring high on the mechicanical aptitude on the exam, Gabrielle had her choice to working engineering, but preferred to work on shuttles. After spending sometime in Starfleet, she's considering actually making a career out of it.

NAME: James Greene
POSITION: Boatswain Mate
RANK: Crewman
DESCRIPTION: At 5'10" 175lbs, James Potter, 19 was born in the year 2144 in Houston, TX. Spending his whole life growing up in a major city, the only thing that impressed him was off world. After visiting Starfleet Command during his freshman year of high school, enlisting in Starfleet became his new goal in life. Right after graduation, James went down to the recruiters office and enlisted.

NAME: Steven Baxter
POSITION: Communications Officer
RANK: Warrant Officer
DESCRIPTION: Bald headed at 1.6m, and born in the small town of Bluff in New Zealand's south island, Mr. Baxter is easy going and generally friendly. Starting his career as a crewman communications technician, he quickly proved exceptional aptitude and performed his duties above and beyond the call of duty on a regular basis. With high recommendations, Baxter completed special training courses at the Academy and was awarded a commission as Warrant Officer, so that he could properly assume the position of Communications Officer.

NAME: Otto Friedrich
RANK: Chief Petty Officer

NAME: Stanley Staines
POSITION: Galley Mate
RANK: Petty Officer 3rd



NAME: Dylan Thomas
POSITION: Acting Chief Science Officer
RANK: Ensign
DESCRIPTION: 6'1'', 140 lbs., brown hair, blue eyes Noticeably thin and stoic in demeanor, Ensign Thomas is deeply philisophical and absorbed in scientific questions both physical and metaphysical alike.


NAME: Annika Hendriksen
POSITION: Cartographers Mate
RANK: Petty Officer 1st class
DESCRIPTION: 1.7m, 59kg, Platinum Blonde hair, Blue eyes. Of Scandanavian descent, Annika is not classically attractive but carries herself in a manner that gives her presence and charisma. She has a pleasant demeanour that makes her agreeable company but is very socially aware and will make it known if she is being hard done by. She has hopes of studying a science degree in the future but at present enjoys her opportunity aboard the Meridian to travel to distant systems and study many things that a student at a grounded university would not be able to offer.


NAME: Sujan Balakrishnan
POSITION: Sensor Systems Technician
RANK: Petty Officer 1st class
DESCRIPTION: Short, thin, indian descent. Sujan couldn't fight his way out of a wet paper bag. However, he does have a great mind for computer systems, math, and similar fields of science. He is high-functioning autistic, and thus is socially awkward. He works hard, does his job right, and doesn't cause trouble. He lacks ambition, but not determination. Problem solving is not his strength, nor is thinking 'outside of the box'. A loyal friend if you make the effort, and it will take effort. Hobbies include swimming and reading.


NAME: Wallis Black
POSITION: Xenoarcheologist's Mate
RANK: Petty Officer 3rd class
DESCRIPTION: Medium high, slightly husky, older for a man of his rank. Of North American descent. Wallis is not afraid to speak his mind. To a fault. To many faults actually. He has no patience for ignorance, sloppiness, or cutting corners when it comes to work. He doesn't have many friends because he always dominates the conversation. He sees many things (concept of love, religion, etc) as human foolishness. He has an opinion on everything and will share it if you ask him or not. He is good at his work, and has made some semi-significant contributions to his field, because he is very objective when evaluating anything and everything. Has been around Starfleet for a long time. His hobbies are talking, complaining, and, well, you get the picture. Perfect candidate for a stress-induced heart-attack. It is very surprising it hasn't happened yet. "Only happy when it rains" kind of person.


NAME: Kendra Lee
POSITION: Exobiologist's Mate
RANK: Petty Officer 2nd class
DESCRIPTION: Thin, medium height, and very young in appearance. Of Oriental descent. Kendra likes to work hard and party hard. Completely against type, she is willing to get her hands dirty, including working around the guts of any animal, or dissecting any bug. She never met a challenge she didn't overcome, and is very driven to perform as a scientist, but also to shatter any stereotypical concepts that a woman is docile, or in need of protection. Spent some time in the field, some time teaching. She prefers field work. A loyal friend, but she doesn’t make many, preferring to keep emotional baggage to a minimum. Kendra doesn't mind stirring up trouble, nor speaking her mind if it needs to be said. It is near impossible to know what she is thinking, and even harder to figure out what she will say next. Her hobbies are hard to define, it would be best to say she is interested in trying new things.


NAME: Claire Sutherland
POSITION: Geologist's Mate
RANK: Petty Officer 3rd class
DESCRIPTION: Tall, thin, and beautiful. Claire is a very, very, very, nice person, and never met an enemy. She is not the best at her work, but she tries hard and gives 100%. Her original goals in life were to serve in Starfleet on Earth, as space seemed too daunting. However, once she got out there, her thinking on that changed, and gratefully accepted a position on the Meridian. She never speaks badly of anyone, and tries to be a peacemaker. Her hobbies include playing music, which is truly the great love of her life. She can play many instruments, but her favorite is the violin.



NAME: James "Jimmy" Marx
POSITION: Corpsman

RANK: Chief Petty Officer
DESCRIPTION: 1.8m, 64kg, Light Blond hair, Pale Blue eyes. Heritage: Human, Central European. Jimmy is a very soft-spoken man, who looks much younger than his 33 years. While very bright, he was never interested in the responsibility of being a doctor. He chose to be a corpsman in Star Fleet because it would allow him opportunities to further his two passions, exploring and caregiving. He's a good listener and a keen observer. Off-duty he enjoys running, writing songs and playing the guitar.


NAME: Frank Merrick
POSITION: Corpsman

RANK: Petty Officer 2nd Class
DESCRIPTION: At the age of twenty Frank Merrick left his island of Barbados to enlist in Starfleet. A quiet and reserved man by nature, Frank decided he needed to expand his horizons beyond his small island home. Upon completion of Star Fleet Academy he was posted to the Meridian. Merrick is an excellent medic and caring individual. Frank likes to relax by physically asserting himself. Often, when he's off duty, you can find him jogging the corridors.


NAME: Walter Haris
POSITION: Corpsman

RANK: Petty Officer 2nd Class
DESCRIPTION: Harris is a large man 6'2", 245 lbs, with a big heart and big dreams. At 25 he joined Star Fleet and showed great aptitude with the matter transmission equipment. Cross trained as a corpsman he was usurped by Doctor Corbett for the Medical Department. Harris has a great sense of humor and is exceptionally skilled as a surgical assistant. Gregarious by nature he is often enlisted to help Corbett with his practical jokes and covert schemes.



NAME: Michelle Michaels
POSITION: Engineering Officer

RANK: Ensign
DESCRIPTION: Average height with shoulder length, dark brown hair and dark brown eyes to match. She is often prone to nervous anxiety under high pressure situations. Despite that limitation, she is a capable engineer and respected by the department. Off-duty she is friendly and easy going.

NAME: Richard Steele
POSITION: Engineman

RANK: Senior Chief Petty Officer
DESCRIPTION: Richard Steel is exactly like his great-grandfather, a soldier. He accepts responsibilities for his actions and that of others. Although in times of peace and hope he turned into an Engineer. After seven years in the Earth Defense Force and another five years in Starfleet the role in his life changed when posted to the Meridian. He is challenged everyday by keeping the vessel at optimal balance.

NAME: Mark Eversam
POSITION: Damage Controlman

RANK: Chief Petty Officer
DESCRIPTION: Mark Eversman is one of the few enlisted men that worked hand in hand with Henry Archer and Doctor Cochrane as they modeled and perfected the Warp 5 engine at the Complex in North America on Earth. He really isn't into ceremony but rather in getting the job done. That is what is important to him.

NAME: Logan Cale
POSITION: Hull Maintenance Technician

RANK: Petty Officer 1st Class
DESCRIPTION: Logan Cale was orphaned as a child when both his parents her killed in an incident onboard the freighter Secada. Without any relatives or family to look after him, the commander Captain Harry Frakes took care of him. He applied to Starfleet Academy and after completion of his courses, he was posted to Jupiter Station. After his first three years of exemplary service, Logan was transferred to the sixth NX class vessel name Meridian. Logan is a top notch engineer always interested in learning more.

NAME: Shiela Thomas
POSITION: Damage Controlman

RANK: Petty Officer 2nd Class
DESCRIPTION: At the age of eighteen Shelia Thomas left her parents and five younger brothers and sisters to enlist in Starfleet. Most of her scholastic education has had very high marks in mathematics and engineering. Upon completion of one year at Starfleet Academy, she was posted to the Meridian upon her maiden voyage. She enjoys long walks, music, and has a knack for unconventional thinking.

NAME: Dustin Stokes
POSITION: Communications Mate
RANK: Petty Officer 3rd Class
DESCRIPTION: Pencil necked, hairly haired and under 2 m tall, young Stokes is more at home being a nerdy geek than a frontline Starfleet crewman. But the stars excited him, and Starfleet was his way to explore them first hand.



NAME: Goran Koss
POSITION: Gunner's Mate

RANK: Master Chief Petty Officer
DESCRIPTION: 6'3", 240lbs, almost entirely bone and muscle, heavy browed, with black hair, and deepset brown eyes. Koss is an experienced Armory NCO, having come up through the EDF ground forces, before transferring to Starfleet. He is particularly proficient with plasma rifles, and looks with a certain disdain on weapons with a "stun" setting. "If I wanted them to get back up, I wouldn't shoot them in the first place, sir." Outside of work, he is a pleasant enough companion, and is a regular at the NCO poker games.

NAME: Patrick Reece, Jr.
POSITION: Master at Arms

RANK: Petty Officer 1st class
DESCRIPTION: 6'1", 215lbs, Brown hair, Brown eyes. Heritage: Canadian, Pacific Coast. Reece is a good man to have around when the excrement impacts the rotary impeller. There are a few sharper shooters, and a handful of better fighters on board, but there isn’t a cooler customer. He’s versatile, resourceful, and tenacious. Just the kind of guy you’re glad is on your side. Off duty he tends to keep to himself. On duty, he says little unless spoken to. When he does speak, he is always very polite.

NAME: Anthony Palermo
POSITION: Master at Arms

RANK: Petty Officer 2nd Class
DESCRIPTION: Anthony is a 5'8" well built young man of Italian decent. He hails from Trenton, NJ and after high school decided he wanted more out of life, so he enlisted in Star Fleet. After basic training he was posted to the Meridian. He met up with the ship at the Trope Colony when she pulled in for repairs. Anthony hopes to one day become an Armoury officer. He enjoys reading history and playing chess.


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