Stile Corbett, MD

Full Name Stile Corbett, MD
Assignment Chief Medical Officer
Rank Lieutenant Commander
Race Human
Place of Origin San Antonio, Texas Earth
Gender Male
Age 43
Date of Birth June 26, 2122
Height 6'1"
Weight 215 lbs
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Neon Green
Other Physical Attributes Athletic and Muscular, Corbett's striking feature is his neon green eyes, which were an in-utero side effect of a medication his mother took while pregnant.
Marital Status Single
Family Father - Mitchell (Duke) Corbett, Texas Ranger (deceased)
Mother - Rachael Phillips Corbett, Family Physician (deceased)

Specialities: Emergency medicine and Xenosurgery

Hobbies: Corbett is a true son of Texas; he loves tequila, Cuban cigars, shooting vintage pistols, and playing poker.

Personal Biography

Not a military man in the least; however, Corbett knows when to toe the line with those in command. His medical style is very simple, he believes in a more hands on approach without a lot of gadgetry to treat his patients. He is also a big believer in the recuperative power of the body. Corbett's training includes Emergency Medicine and Xenosurgery. While Corbett did train for 4 years on Denobula, he was never an official participant in the Interspecies Medical Exchange program (why?... You'll have to get him very drunk before he'll tell you, but it goes along with his xenophysiology award being rescinded). Finally while Corbett has many moral character flaws, he never compromises excellence when it comes to treating patients under his care.

Medical Education

  • 2138-2142: University of Texas, San Antonio: (honors)
    B.S. Chemistry
    M.S. Genetics
  • 2142-2146: University of Texas, San Antonio School of Medicine (honors)

Medical Experience:

  • 2146-2149: Resident in Emergency Medicine - Washington D.C>, Earth
  • 2149-2154: Chief of Emergency Medicine, Lunar One Colony
  • 2154-2158: Xenosurgery - Continent Prime, Denobula

Medical Awards

  • 2153: Xenophysiology Award, Vulcan Science Academy (Quietly and unofficially rescinded 2154)
  • 2158: Denobulan Award for Medical Excellence
  • 2159: Assigned to FCL-06 Meridian as Chief Medical Officer


Corbett is a true son of Texas; he loves tequila, Cuban cigars, shooting vintage pistols, and playing poker. His beloved cowboy hat is never off his head. He has them in multiple colors to match his different duty uniforms as well as a white one for when he is treating patients.

Corbett can be a true friend and staunch ally. He is well versed in martial arts (Shodokan and Iaido), which due to his nature as a lothario has saved him many a time.


Silver Starfleet Cross Bronze Starfleet
Silver Starfleet Cross, Bronze Starfleet Cross

Six Years Service Device, Starfleet Award of High Commendation, Silver Starfleet Cross, Starfleet Letter of Commendation, Bronze Starfleet Cross (2), Preantares Ribbon of Commendation 1st class, Preantares Ribbon of Commendation 2nd class (2), Academy Purple Ribbon of Excellence, Academy Superior Performance Medal


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