Jia Cassidy

Full Name Dr Jia Denise Cassidy, MD, IsMD
Assignment Medical Officer, Psychologist
Rank Commander
Race Human
Place of Origin Ireland, Earth
Gender Female
Age 42
Date of Birth 24 Jan, 2124
Height 5'5", 165 cm
Weight 115 lbs, 52.16 kg
Hair Colour Brunette
Eye Colour Light blue
Other Physical Attributes Slender, athletic runner's build
Marital Status Single

Specialities: Deep Space Psychology, Comparative Human/Alien Physiology, Regenerative Medicine and Accelerated Healing

Personal Biography

Jia entered college at age 17, moving quickly to pre-med and medical school, graduating near the top of her class from ANU. Following graduation, she was invited to Vulcan to the So'Vock medical institute to pursue study of specialized regenerative medicine and accelerated healing techniques. While there, she completed practical internship and a 1 year residency. While still a medical resident on Vulcan, she was approached by Starfleet. Upon completion of residency requirements at So'Vock, she moved to San Francisco, and subsequently Jupiter Station, for a total of 2.5 years of Starfleet training, during which time she completed a 2nd year of residency while at Jupiter Station. At the end of that time, she was granted opportunity to travel to Denobula to study at the Tessora Foundation for training and research in comparative human/multi-species medicine. Concurrently, by special arrangements and periodic terms of extended study at Jupiter Station, she completed her Starfleet training and remained at Tessora on Denobula until being offered a position as CMO at Forrest Outpost.

She served for 8 years as CMO of Forrest Outpost, during which time she also completed a course of study in deep space psychology. She is currently completing the practical residency requirement of that specialization serving as the resident psychologist to the crew aboard the USS Meridian on an extended mission into Klingon space, delivering a former Ke'elzzoid prisoner to his homeworld of Qo'nos.


Friendly, relaxed with an easy smile, well-balanced, open-minded and accepting, prefers to listen rather than talk, but should not be considered shy. She is soft-spoken with a distinct Irish accent.

Dependable, ethical and honest, keen observer of people and events. Eidetic visual memory (photographic visual memory) Speaks 6 languages fluently: English, French, German, Spanish, Vulcan, Denobulan.

Education and Service Record

  • Australian National University, College of Medicine, Health Science & Research, Canberra; degree – MD
  • So'Vock Institute of Medical Technology & Research, Division of Vulcan Science Adademy, City of ShiKahr, Vulcan
  • Tessora Foundation for Developments in InterSpecies Medicine, Denobula, from which she earned the Denobulan medical classification of Doctor of InterSpecies Medicine, IsMD


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