de Longpre Genevieve

Full Name Genevieve de Longpre
Assignment Damage Control
Rank Chief Petty Officer
Race Human
Place of Origin Bellegarde-sur-Valserine, France, Earth
Gender Female
Age 28
Date of Birth March 22, 2137
Height 5'3'' (1.62 m)
Weight 140 lbs (63.7 kg)
Hair Colour Black, worn short
Eye Colour Green
Other Physical Attributes Besides numerous small scars from cuts and burns earned through sparring and working in a machine shop most of her life, Gen has numerous tattoos from her life before Starfleet including: a stylized compass on the underside of her left arm, the ECS Talisman insignia on her shoulder on the same arm, Denobulan writing along her ribs (don't ask her what it means. A comm. officer she was dating told her once and the translation is a little . . . cruder in English), a set of colored and detailed constellation tattoos running down the entire length of her right arm, and several others you might learn about if you get to know her better.
Marital Status Single
Family Father: Baudouin de Longpre (COO Chang Technologies Inc.)
Mother: Lt. Cmdr. Therese Castor (Helmsman ESS Excalibur, Deceased 2157)
Sister: Elisa de Longpre (PhD Student Universite Paris-Sorbonne)
Maternal Grandmother: Ellie Castor (Captain ECS Talisman)
Maternal Grandfather: Lucas Castor (Quartermaster ECS Talisman)
Maternal Aunt: Morgan Alcardi (Chief Engineer ECS Talisman)
Maternal Cousin: Sebastian Alcardi (Helmsman ECS Talisman)

Specialities: Building and construction; Gen is a marvel in a machine shop, able to craft even many specialized components with enough time and the right tools. She is equally comfortable with standard maintenance and damage control and knows a lot about the workings of warp engines, though little of the technical jargon. Gen's record includes a commendation about her abilities working with matter resequencers and shield systems. Due in part to the newness of the technology, it's been said that Gen is one of the only humans currently capable of building a shield emitter from scratch without a reference guide. Gen is talented with weapons of most kinds and a specialty of hers is repairing and maintaining them. She is a good enough shot that she could have been a decent Master-at-Arms except she keeps trying to use phase weapons as EM weapons and has yet to put in the hours needed to correct old habits.

Hobbies: Gen spends nearly as much time building items in her free time as she does when she's on duty. Most notably she's a talented blacksmith, carpenter, and the fact that always surprises everyone, a knitter. Friends get used to her giving them a few handmade goods to decorate their quarters. Gen's quite good at using more archaic weapons, having toyed around with the likes of archery, muzzle loaders, knife fighting, fencing, and her personal favorite, longsword fighting. She's also rather fond of games that involve tests of accuracy such as darts, billiards, and bowling although she's a sucker for any sort of competition.

Weaknesses: No way around it, Gen is a terrible pilot. During her training she nearly flunked out due to terrible scores when manning a shuttlepod simulation. According to her cousin, Baz, who has tried to teach her, �Gen doesn't have the feel of a ship. She tries to fly without any finesse or awareness of what's around her.� This does not make Gen want to try any less as her mother's specialty was flying. Gen can be seen frequently pestering more accomplished pilots for tips and lessons though so far none have had the patience to get through to her.
Besides piloting, Gen has never done well in traditional education. Give her a field manual and she'll take days to make sense of it and picks up things quicker through voice instructions or by being shown how to do something. She still hasn't gotten used to phase pistols and their lack of particle drift, much preferring older EM weapons. Also, her talent for crafts does not extend to cooking. You have been warned.

Personal Biography

Genevieve de Longpre may have been born in the town of Bellegarde-sur-Valserine, France but from an early age she wanted to travel among the stars. Her mother, Therese, was a big influence as she had dozens of stories from growing up on an Earth Cargo Service ship, and serving for half a dozen years in Starfleet before Baudouin persuaded her to settle down on Earth. Her contentment at being planetlocked wouldn't last. After going through a messy divorce, Therese rejoined Starfleet and once again left for the stars. Gen saw her mother whenever her ship was near Earth and it wasn't unusual for Gen to spend time aboard the ECS Talisman every 3-5 years with her extended family when it was in the vicinity of Earth, which is where she first started to learn about the workings of a ship.

Gen and her father did not get along even though he was her primary caretaker for many years. As she entered adolescence she rebelled constantly. This only grew worse when they moved to Paris; Baudouin spent more time at the office and Gen was in a major city where she could get into a lot more trouble. In 2151, the Talisman went through the process of upgrading to a warp 3 engine to try and stay ahead of her competitors. The new engine cut down a journey of 5 years into 6 months. After constantly harassing her father about getting to go on a cargo run, he relented and Genevieve started spending roughly half a year on Earth and half a year on the Talisman; serving as a member of the crew for every other cargo run. Following the Xindi attack on Earth, Baudouin kept her closer to home, fearing for her safety but by the time Enterprise returned to Earth the original arrangement began again.

Growing up, Elissa and Genevieve fought constantly in the way only sisters can but when Gen started to spend half the year away from Earth or sometimes days away from home, a rift grew between them. This was further compounded by the fact Gen barely made it through college and secured a BTS vocational degree while Elissa's love of learning allowed her to breeze through and secure her baccalaureat with intentions to attend a university. As soon as she turned 18 Gen packed up and said goodbye to Earth, formally joining the ECS and signing on with the Talisman. As a member of her crew, Gen acquired a lot of skills such as how to repair and maintain a starship, build replacement parts, self-defense, and firsthand experience about different cultures. It was also a journey of self-discovery, she started to express herself by cutting her hair short and acquiring tattoos, spending time mastering medieval martial arts, and more than a few �close studies� with attractive women from Earth's colonies and even other species.

Genevieve had no intention of joining Starfleet until the Earth-Romulan War. The event that changed her mind was when her mother was a casualty early on in the conflict in 2157. Gen left the Talisman and enlisted, wanting to be a Gunnery Mate and with an eye towards revenge. Her instructors recognized this and sought to redirect her anger towards creation; finding a different way for her to aid in the war effort as a Machinist�s Mate. Gen was used to rebelling against authority and the looser structure of the ECS, making shaping her into someone who could follow orders a challenge, but one they succeeded at. Despite the grimness of the time she joined, Gen found enough reasons to appreciate Starfleet and start to view her fellow crewmates as family. By war's end Gen was a model crewman and decided to stay on for a while longer.

After a stint on Jupiter Station Gen was ready to get back out into space. In 2163 she had made arrangements to resign and rejoin the ECS but her CO at the time, Lt. Cmdr. Stern presented her with an opportunity to join the Meridian, one of the Federation's NX class starships. The temptation to explore the galaxy at warp 6 was too tempting and she signed on.

The problem was this wasn't the first Genevieve de Longpre the crew of the Meridian had met. After a series of time fractures led them to a possible future the crew encountered a version of Gen that was one of the last survivors of the ship. This future version of Gen helped the crew to survive and repair the fractures but gave her life in the process. This meeting out of time would have an impact on many on many of the senior staff's early interactions with the present day Gen.


Genevieve is not your model member of Starfleet; she's largely self-taught and has a habit of doing things her way instead of by the book. Although she respects and follows the rules of rank and the chain of command, Gen prefers a looser structure which is reflected in how she runs the machine shop. A real people person, she makes a point of building friendships outside of her department and works to keep the crew's spirits up, frequently running a variety of games or teaching classes on crafts in her downtime. In spite of this Gen lacks confidence in her abilities; she's sensitive on the topic of education, convinced that she is the only member of Starfleet without even a traditional �high school� education and afraid that this limitation will put a ceiling on her advancement in Starfleet. Gen tends to be flirty with members of all genders but this playfulness is in part a defense mechanism to avoid growing too close to anyone and she has learned to be reign it in when on duty.

Service Record

Earth Cargo Service
  • 2152, 2154: Provisional Crewman/Crewman Apprentice, ECS Talisman
  • 2155-2156: Crewman, Engineering and Weapons Officer, ECS Talisman
  • 2157-2157: Able Crewman 3rd Class, Engineering and Weapons Officer, ECS Talisman
  • 2157-2157: Crewman Recruit, Starfleet Training, San Francisco, Earth
  • 2158-2159: Crewman, Machinist's Mate, ESS Seawolf NCL-13
  • 2159-2160: Petty Officer Third Class, Machinist's Mate, ESS Seawolf NCL-13
  • 2160-2161: Petty Officer Third Class, Installation Tech, Armory Team, Jupiter Station
  • 2161-2163: Petty Officer Second Class, Deflector Shield Tech, Armory Team, Jupiter Station
  • 2163-2163: Petty Officer First Class, Deflector Shield Tech, Armory Team, Jupiter Station
  • 2164-Present: Petty Officer First Class, Machinist's Mate, USS Meridian NCC-06


Starfleet Gold Cross
Starfleet Silver Cross

One Year Starfleet Service Device
Silver Starfleet Cross
Purple Heart Preantares Ribbon of Commendation 2nd Class

One Year Starfleet Service Device
Silver Starfleet Cross,
Purple Heart, Preantares Ribbon of Commendation 2nd Class, Academy Purple Ribbon of Excellence


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