Brentwood, Michael

Full Name Michael Tyrone Brentwood
Nickname Mike (called Mikey by childhood friends)
Assignment Assistant Engineering Officer
Rank Lieutenant junior grade
Race Human
Place of Origin Detroit, Michigan, Earth
Gender Male
Age 33
Date of Birth Aug 18, 2129
Height 6'1" (185 cm)
Weight 188 lbs (85 kg)
Hair Colour Dark Brown
Eye Colour Brown
Other Physical Attributes well-muscled build, has Earth Cargo Authority tattoo on deltoid of right arm, has a few scars from fights with raiders and a few accidents aboard ECA cargo freighters
Marital Status Single
Family Father - Marshall Brentwood (deceased)
Mother - Gina Brentwood

Specialities: Tinkering with engines and computer systems (his second love)

Hobbies: playing racquetball, practicing martial arts and trying exotic foods

Personal Biography

Mike was born August 18, 2129 to the union of Marshall and Gina Brentwood. His ancestors had been engineers in the auto industry in Detroit until other means of transport forced them to upgrade their skills to more complex means of conveyance. By the time, Mike was old enough to walk, he was told about an ancestor whose name is almost lost in history, but he was told her name was Lily. According to his grandmother, she was the engineer who helped Zephram Cochrane build the warpship that attracted the Vulcans to Earth, but she had no real proof of it.

In high school, he excelled in mathematics and physical science, and took first place in many science fairs and calculus competitions. He graduated at the age of 17 from high school with High Honors. After he finished his Master's Degree in Nuclear Physics and Warp Dynamics from the Wayne State University, School of Warp Engineering, he wanted to go into Starfleet, but his father, a Warp Core Specialist on the ECA Freighter Papillion, forbade him from it. He thought exploring was a waste of time and he should go into the ECA like him and his uncles had. Having no wish to disrespect his father, though he was old enough to make his own decisions, he did as he was directed and joined his father's ship.

Because of his degree, something his dad never got, he was commissioned and started off as a Crewman in the ship's Engineering Department. He served seven years in the ECA, five on the Papillion and two on the Hyperion, a larger Atlas Class Freighter. During his last year on the Hyperion, he got the news that his father had been killed along with his uncle, Tyrone, the ship's Helmsman when the ship was attacked by a ship of unknown configuration and stripped of its cargo and all the crew murdered. He was heartbroken and after his father's funeral, he resigned his commission in the ECA, in which he had reached the rank of Officer (the equivalent of Lt Commander in Starfleet) and entered Starfleet Academy, hoping to finally do what he always wanted, explore the galaxy and discover who it was that murdered his father and uncle.

Service Record

  • 2159-2163: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Engineering Corps
  • 2163-2163: Ensign, AEO, USS Meridian NCC-06
  • 2163-: Lt(jg), AEO, USS Meridian NCC-06


Starfleet Bronze Cross

The Bronze Starfleet Cross
Purple Heart, Academy Superior Performance Medal, Academy Purple Ribbon of Excellence


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