Talariana sh'Joven

Full Name Talariana sh'Joven
Nickname Riana
Assignment Armory Officer
Rank Ensign
Race Andorian
Place of Origin Lor'Tan, Andoria
Gender Female
Age 28
Date of Birth Jan 9, 2137
Height 5'9" (178 cm)
Weight 148 lbs
Hair Colour White
Eye Colour Blue
Other Physical Attributes Slender and toned
Marital Status Single
Family Father: Rear Admiral Fermelo ch'Joven, Commanding Officer, USS Remusu (formerly the IGS Remusu)
Mother: Commander Elexea sh'Joven Chief Engineer, IGS Medias(Deceased)
Brother: Relorolo ch'Joven, Mediator


Personal Biography

Talariana sh'Joven was born on Lor'Tan, Andoria in the year 2137. Born into a family where her mother and father both served in the Andorian Imperial Guard, Talariana, also known as Riana, learned from an early age the importance of serving in the military. At the age of six Riana found herself attending military schools on Andoria while her parents were off on different assignments, though there were times during her childhood that her mother would be assigned on Andoria. Talariana loved these types of assignments, which allowed her to actually be able to live with her mother.

At 18, Rhiana enlisted in the Andorian Imperial Guard and found herself assigned to the IGS Olwas in the field of security. As a young soldier, she and the crew of the Olwas found themselves thrown into the conflict with the Romulan Star Empire. For Talariana it was an honor to fight in the war and earning awards for their wins. But sadness took place when her mother was killed during the Battle of Cheron. It was a battle that many felt the Coalition of Planets faced impossible odds. But at least her father was able to survive the battle and return with his ship intact after the win.

The IGS Olwas during the final battle with the Romulan Empire was assigned to protect the Andorian System. This was to ensure that the Romulans didn't try to attack their homeworld while vulnerable. During the next couple of years sh'Joven was promoted up to the rank of Defender, which gave her new found responsibilities as an officer. With the integration into the Federation and the decommission of the IGS Olwas, Riana now finds herself assigned to the USS Meridian NCC-06 trying to adjust to Starfleet.


Service Record

  • 2159-2161: Soldier, Security, IGS Olwas
  • 2161-2163: Warrior, Security, IGS Olwas
  • 2163-2164: Defender, Tactical Officer, IGS Olwas
  • 2164-Present: Ensign, Armory Officer, USS Meridian NCC-06



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