Timo Vanhanen

Full Name Timo Vanhanen
Assignment Chief Engineering Officer
Rank Commander
Race Human
Place of Origin Rovaniemi, Finland, Earth
Gender Male
Age 29
Date of Birth Feb 23, 2136
Height 5'9"
Weight 145 lbs
Hair Colour Blond
Eye Colour Hazel
Other Physical Attributes None
Marital Status Single
Family Father - Sampo
Mother - Lahja

Specialities: Electronics

Hobbies: Computer hardware modification, programming, 20th century gothic rock music

Personal Biography

Timo was born and raised in Lapland, the northernmost region of Finland. His family owns and operates a shipping company that brings goods to and from their hometown. Timo began tinkering around on the shuttles with the maintenace crews as soon as he was old enough to hold a screwdriver. His natural aptitude and love for repairs was soon apparent and he excelled at keeping the family ships in the air. Much to his father's disappointment, however, Timo had grander dreams of moving on to work in outer space.

Timo left home at the age of 17 to chase his dreams in the Starfleet Academy. With no formal education or engineering training, the admission process was long and arduous for the young Finn. He had to convince the admissions committee that his natural aptitude would be enough to allow him to succeed. Lacking in self-discipline, his grades on written exams were nearly always at the bottom of his class, but he managed to prove himself during drills and live simulations.

Stationed aboard the NX-06 Meridian, Timo quickly proved himself as a reliable engineering officer in the field and was eventually promoted to CEO and served as the ship's XO.

Timo also attracted the attention of another junior officer in the Meridian crew, Zoe Sanderson, and the two eventually married. Zoe was eventually forced to return to Earth due to health problems, however. The separation became too much for Timo, leading him to resign his position and return to Earth to care for her. The relationship was not to last, however, and they grew apart despite the closeness Timo had sacrificed to maintain.

Timo returned to Starfleet, serving on the ground as an officer in the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, where he worked on the development team for the Warp 7 drive. While overseeing the installation of the new warp core during Meridian's upgrade, Timo was offered the chance to return to his old ship, replacing the injured Cmdr Wang, who had previously replaced him. Timo jumped at the opportunity to return to the stars.


Timo possesses an extremely dry dimeanor, shy, and reserved. He often shows little emotion, and becomes easily absorbed into projects at the expense of conversation. He is a tinker by nature, and will often be found trying to modify machinery or overclocking processors to maximize performance. He loves to get the job done, and is not afraid to attempt unorthodox procedures in order to solve demanding problems.


Kragite Order of Heroism Starfleet Silver Cross Starfleet Bronze Cross
Kragite Order of Heroism, Starfleet Silver Cross, Starfleet Bronze Cross

Eight Years Starfleet Service Device, Kragite Order of Heroism, Star Award For Excellence, Starfleet Award of High Commendation, Silver Starfleet Cross (2), Starfleet Letter of Commendation(4), Bronze Starfleet Cross (2), Preantares Ribbon of Commendation 2nd Class(3), Academy Purple Ribbon of Excellence, Academy Blue Ribbon of Excellence Senior Officers Training


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