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Meridian NX Class Upgrade Ship Specifications
Length:225 m
Beam:136 m
Height:33 m
Mass:285,000 metric tons
Armaments6 x phase cannons, rated at 6 terawatts each
 Total output 36 terrawatts
 2 dorsal
 2 ventral fore
 2 ventral aft
 4 x Mod 3 photonic torpedo tubes
 2 ventral fore
 2 ventral aft
 4x Mod 2 spatial torpedo tubes
 2 ventral fore
 2 ventral aft
DefencesLight Monotanium Single hull 5cm Enhanced polarised armour
 Class 1 Energy Shield *
 Low level Structural Integrity Field
Warp Speeds 
Maximum Cruise:5.7
Maximum Rated:6 **
Impulse Speed:0.25c
ScienceSensor pallets and arrays consisting of:
 EM scanners
 Graviton scanners
 Lifeform analysis scanners
 Subspace scanners
 Optical telescope
 Thermal sensors
 Long-range sensors
Laboratories:2 multi-discipline labs
Computer:One pre-duotronic computer core
Data network:Standard Optical Data Network
Transportation1 x transporter, approved for bio transport
 2 x Shuttlepods on 24 hours standby
 1 x Coalition Export Tractor beam ***
* During the Earth-Romulan War a prototype shield system was devised and in late 2161 Earth's new Federation allies assisted with the final stages of development. NX Class ships were fitted with shields that help reduce energy damage working in parallel with hull polarization.
** Project development during the Earth-Romulan war and better component construction resulted in the NX Class warp-drive systems being refitted with a larger more powerful core. Warp 6 can be sustained for a limited time and is considered the absolute maximum for a ship of this design.
*** Tractor beam technology was gifted to Earth by the Vulcans at the signing of the Federation. Minor technical differences between Vulcan and Earth technology are still being resolved, but the tractor beam makes a useful though unreliable addition to the NX Class. It requires a specially trained operator to be used effectively.

These deck plans are for the NX class and are meant as a quick reference for Meridian players.

A Bridge (Situation Room), Captain's Ready Room, Communications Array
B Deuterium Tankage, Junior Elisted Crew Quarters, Power Distribution System, Sensor Pallets
C Command Center, Day Room, Dorsal Observation Deck, External Hydroponics Lab, Guest Quarters, Main Engineering (High Bay), Port/Starbord Cargo Bay doors
C sub-deck Anti-Matter Stream Manual Shut-off, Fire Retardant Storage, Gravity Decking GeneratorLife Support Filtration Pumps, Power Transfer Sub-Systems, Resequencer Bulk Storage, Secondary Data Storage
D Junior Officer's Quarters, Gym, Main Engineering, Manual Phase Cannon Control, Port/Starboard Docking and Airlock, Port/Starbord Cargo Bay Access, Senior Enlisted Crew's Quarters, Transporter Pad
E Captain's Mess, Captain's Quarters, Containment, Deflector Control, Impulse Reactor, Mess Hall, Senior Officer's Quarters, Science Labs, Shuttle Bay Access and Flight Control, Sickbay
F Anti-Matter Pods, Armory, Forward/Aft Torpedo Rooms, Shuttle Bay Launch Doors, Torpedo Magazine, Weapons Locker
G Computer Systems, Sensor Access, Ventral Obervation Deck

The Meridian's mission patch is worn on the left shoulder of all standard duty uniforms.

  • The blue border symbolizes our peaceful goals.
  • The triangle shape represents an arrow, always pointing up -- the direction of our goals.
  • The bold typeface spelling the ship's name implies the bold nature in which we strive to acheve our goals.
  • The starfield, devoid of anything else, represents deep space and the destinations we will reach.

The dedication plaque was imprinted and placed on Meridian during her construction. It commemorates her first steps on a great journey.

This plaque was awarded to Meridian for her exemplary service leading to and during her tenure as Flagship of Starfleet: The First Era. Meridian was the first Flagship of TFE.

This plague was awarded to the Merdian and her crew for exemplary service leading to her second tenure as Flagsim of Starfleet: The First Era. This is the second time the ship has received this award, previously refered to as the flagship.

The following is an official Starfleet: The First Era award specifically for members of the Meridian SIM.

Jorge Mendoza Award of Excellence

Named in honor of Meridian's first Captain, the "Mendoza Award" is a general award for leadership within a certain department onboard a ship. It is awarded to officers and enlisted in recognition of plot advancement as well as further developing their own character and those of the NPCs in their department. The specific department should be noted with the award; i.e. "Mendoza Award for Excellence in Medicine" (also: Tactics, Navigation, Communications, Science, Engineering).

Awarded by the Commanding Officer of Meridian, in a permanent or acting capacity, in character in the name of Starfleet Command.


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